Comek Srl is composed by a technical staff with over twenty years experience in designing and manufacturing weighing, wrapping and packaging automatic systems.

Core business of the company is the production of Vertical Form Fill Seal machine, linear and multihead weighers, cups volumetric doser, auger filler, pneumatic doser.

The production is completed by conveyors, automatism for gadget insert, filling-sealing-closing machines, pick & place.

The realization of plants in chips and salty snacks, confectionery, dairy, fresh vegetables, fresh and dried pasta, frozen food, petfood, powders, liquids and cream, vacuum-packed products, make Comek one of the most highly skilled and reliable company in the international arena.



Thanks to the exclusive used planning in 3D from our technical department, we choose and test materials and products that they have as prerogative the reliability in the time and then to verify the finished machines in the more aggressive and difficult conditions and atmospheres.


Control systems of last generation, particular techniques and protocols of dialogue between the dosing systems and the packaging machines, concur to arrive to high speed that remains constants in the production.


The direct and tightened relationship of collaboration with our supplying allow us to be always updated and to adopt the last technologies available in the market in order to produce modern and practical systems.


Complete and simple interfaces, quickly systems to change the format without the use of any tools, parts in contact with the product easly disassembled without tools for the sanity: help the operator to easily use the machines and to fastly change production.


Starting from the problematics of the product and the requirements of the customer we provide the best technical solutions of: weighing, dosage, packing, packaging and plants lay-out more suitable for the kind of product, to the production location and for the related market.


Always present for customers. The customer calls have priority and we provide the best technical assistance by telephone, fax and e-mail at any time to resolve customer problems.


With twenty years of experience in packaging machines, volumetric feeders and filling lines, Comek Srl can offer a complete service to companies different sectors: snacks, vegetables, frozen foods, pasta, cheese, are just some of the areas company that is closely Comek Srl, providing the best technical solutions to the customer.

Many companies that have relied on Comek, both in terms of design of complete systems that customize it for technical assistance and monitoring systems to last generation.