High output, flexibility, high quality packaging, and quick change of format: with these attributes we succeed in meeting the needs of the demanding customers in the confectionery sector. From sticky products to sweet ones: particular embossing of the parts in contact with the product or special solutions in baskets and slides enabling the weighing of products with completely diverse problems.

Packaging machines for block bottom bags with four sealings and doy-pack type bags which assure a constant aesthetic quality of the packaging over time. Hot punching to obtain Euro-hole punch or handles that do not weaken the airtight sealing of the package. Quick format change and automatic roll change system in the vertical packaging machines.

Parts in contact with the nude product in stainless steel with special embossing for sticky products.

Multihead weigher for mixture till 4 products with 4 different weights.

Few examples of confectionary products that can be weighed and packaged with Comek machines:

  • Jelly candies;
  • Candies with sugar;
  • Soft Gelee;
  • Chocolates and Praline;
  • Dragees
  • Sugared almond;
  • Drops of chocolate
  • Biscuits