Speed, continuous use, efficiency, and attention to the fragility and delicacy of the product are the starting points in creating a system for chips and salty snacks. The presence of oil, salt and herbs requires the construction of the machines in stainless steel to ensure efficient maintenance over time and to guarantee cleanliness. Weighers are equipped with slides and an outlet cone with a special shape increasing the falling speed of the product.

The voluminous nature of the products requires anti-clogging systems to avoid downtime in production. The introduction of gas for modified atmosphere packaging is carried out in order to extend shelf-life of the product. Quick format change and automatic roll change system in the vertical packaging machines. New packaging formats such as block bottom bags, doy-pack type bags or paper cups, insertion of gadgets and application of advertising banners.

Rotary step machine with reduced dimensions and productive capacity of up to 4,500 pieces/hour. Suitable for plastic or stackable laminated paper containers.

  • Automatic stacking of containers.
  • Product dosage area.
  • Thermosealing with film from reel and tab for easy opening. Alternatively, thermosealing with pre-punched layers.
  • Automatic capping of containers, with unstackable and non-unstackable caps.

Few examples of snack products that can be weighed and packaged with Comek machines: chips; pop corn; extruded snacks; pellets; nachos; nuts; pork scratchings.